5 tips to make your Tooting property attractive to prospective buyers or tenants

by Rizwan Osman on 20th December 2018

Tooting is now considered a prime residential property destination. Though property prices have dipped slightly, largely due to uncertainty surrounding Brexit, the aspects which make Tooting such a desirable place to live and work remain intact.

If you are planning to sell or let a property in Tooting, it’s important to make the most of it, no matter how appealing it already is. Below, we’ve offered some tips on how to make your property in Tooting as attractive as possible for prospective buyers or tenants.

5 tips to make your Tooting property attractive to prospective buyers or tenants

Presentation, presentation, presentation

Presentation is paramount when putting your house on the market for sale or rent. A well-presented property will help you to sell/let your property more quickly, and if letting, maximise rental income. From tidying up the garden or backyard area to making sure the front door is presentable, make sure everything shines.


5 tips to make your Tooting property attractive to prospective buyers or tenants

Spruce up the exterior

The first thing a prospective buyer or tenant will see is the front of your house – and first impressions always count for a lot.

If you have a front garden, the lawn should be trimmed and neat, while any flowerbeds should be tidy and weed-free. The front path must be clear of any obstacles, enhancing not diminishing the appeal of the property’s exterior.

As well as the front door, give your windows a fresh coat of paint if they are made of wood, or make sure they are clean if they are made of synthetic material. Clean the windows and dry clean any curtains on show. You want to make your viewers eager to see what is behind this bright and clean façade.

Don’t ignore the back garden if you have one. A patio should be clean and free of any weeds; a lawn should be well-cut.


5 tips to make your Tooting property attractive to prospective buyers or tenants

Make Space

Keep your shelves and window sills reasonably clear of objects and ornaments. Make your home feel lived in without it looking like a souvenir shop. Too many ornaments will be a distraction to your viewers, and make the place feel cluttered.

Large items of furniture take up space in small rooms. Remove them to make the rooms appear bigger. It will help if you let as much natural light into your rooms as possible. If this proves difficult, it could be worth spending a little money on some inexpensive light fittings.


5 tips to make your Tooting property attractive to prospective buyers or tenants

Renovate and Decorate

You should renovate if required. Any broken tiles or loose door handles must be repaired and tightened up. You may have grown used to them, but your prospective buyer will spot them straight away.

Clean the carpets. If they are threadbare it may be worth buying some cheap carpets. It could make the difference between disappointment and success.

If you believe your house needs redecorating, bright, neutral colours will make your rooms appear light, airy and spacious. You don’t want the property to be infused with too much personality (as dull as that sounds). Keep the interior decoration neutral, and visitors are more likely to be able to envision themselves living in the property.


Choose an agent who can advise you

Your sales or letting agent is there to guide you through the process, but don’t forget that estate and letting agents sell and let properties all the time, so ask for their advice and trust their advice. Your agent should be able to guide you as to how to make the most of your property, whether it be ahead of putting it on the sales market, or marketing it to potential tenants.

Agents sell and let properties all the time, and you should look to choose a local agent with experience of dealing with the type of property you have. The rental market in London is busy, but that doesn’t mean tenants will snap up any property. If you want to ensure a speedy let, use these tips to make sure your property is ready for letting.

These simple tips are just some of the things you can do to make your Tooting property more visually appealing to potential buyers or tenants.

Another way to make sure your property is marketed in the best way is to contact us. We’ve let and sold property in Tooting for years and can advise you as to the best way to get your property sold or let.

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