How To Speed Up The House Selling Process

by Rizwan Osman on 9th January 2019

House Selling Process

No property vendor wants the selling process to be long-drawn out and stressful, but in today’s market, where caution is the overriding sentiment, it can be inevitable. And this is true even if you have a desirable property in Tooting to sell.

However, there are always things you can do to help speed up the house selling process, and we’ve outlined a few of them below.

Choose an active local agent

Find a good local agent with strong knowledge of the property market, and one with experience of selling properties like yours. Also, aim to be as ready to sell as possible. This may sound obvious, but by making sure you’ve chosen a solicitor, mortgage adviser, and estate agent as early as possible, you’ll find that each stage of the selling process should be quicker and more efficient.

Gather information for your solicitor early

Have you located your Energy Performance Certificate (EPC)? What about any warranties or building regulations certificates, the property title deeds, a property information form, the fittings and contents form, among other legal documents? If you’ve gathered together all the documents your solicitor has asked for and completed all the forms early, this should help speed up the selling process. Try and be as proactive as possible in supplying all the necessary documents.

Communicate regularly

Issues have a habit of springing up throughout the selling process, especially if you are in a chain and you’re waiting for other people to move ahead with things. It might be something arises concerning a question about the house, and in this case, it can be better for the seller to feed this information back to the buyer directly, instead of going through the estate agent. If a solicitor or estate agent needs to go hunting for information which you have readily to hand, this can end up taking a week or more. If you, as the seller, are happy to get involved, this can make things more efficient and less time-consuming.

Make sure your home is ready for potential buyers

When potential buyers come to view the property, make sure it is in a good state for selling. From fixing anything which needs fixing, to depersonalising as much as possible, removing unnecessary clutter and generally making the house look clean, comfortable, warm and welcoming. Try to put yourself in the potential buyer’s shoes. What would appeal to them? What are they looking for? Also try to enhance or make the most of the property’s most winning features.

Set a realistic timeframe for the sale

There’s no harm in indicating a realistic timeframe to your buyer, or to the seller of the home you intend to buy. Proactively communicating with them yourself to a get a clearer idea of their movements should help to push things along.

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