6 Ways to Make Your House Look Great Without Spending a Thing

by Rizwan Osman on 1st July 2019

Everyone knows that if you’re looking to sell your home, first impressions count. We’ve all heard about creating the right ambience, giving your property kerb appeal and hitting your viewers with killer bathrooms and kitchens.

Interiors experts offer plenty of advice for making that essential impact – from loft conversions and new bathrooms to ripping out flooring and other transformational projects. While largescale works can pay off with a higher sale price and increased buyer interest, what happens if your budget just won’t stretch to major renovations?

If that sounds like you, don’t despair. There are things you can do to create the right impression without it costing the earth. In fact, we have six expert ideas for making your house look great and they’ll hardly cost you a penny.

getting home ready to sell

1. Keep it tidy

This should be your number one rule. It can be hard if you have children, or are in the process of moving yourself, but a tidy home makes a huge difference.

Take a free weekend and make time to tackle the clutter; sorting out your cupboards and storage spaces. Rehome, recycle or bin anything you no longer need or love – you’ll find it much easier to keep on top of all your possessions when you move.

Rooms, which feel overstuffed with furniture, might benefit from some rearranging. If there really is too much for the space, see if a friend or family member would mind looking after items of furniture until you sell.

2. Make your clean a deep one

Really go to town on the cleaning, it will definitely pay off. Pull out sofas, beds and other furniture to vacuum the whole space. It’s not free, but having carpets professionally cleaned is often recommended – for a cheaper alternative there are carpet and upholstery cleaning products on sale in supermarkets for less than £10.

In the bathroom replace any broken tiles and mouldy sealant and give the place a good clean, scrubbing away all limescale deposits. Tidy away random toiletries and shampoo bottles and create a spa-like feel with rolled towels.

Give your kitchen a thorough clean too. Make your sink shine and your oven sparkle and don’t forget he fridge.


3. Get creative

Art on your walls can make a big difference, but there’s no need to spend money on bespoke creations from fancy galleries. You can buy blank canvases in Flying Tiger and other discount stores so have a go at designing a simple abstract piece yourself, to complement the room’s colours. You’ll find plenty of ideas on Pinterest.


4. Aroma appeal

It’s a cliché but smell really is a big factor when it comes to selling, so think about the impression your home’s aroma is creating. Avoid cooking anything too pungent before a viewing. Keep pets’ litter trays and cages spotlessly clean or consider sending them on a holiday while viewings are taking place. Artificial air fresheners can create a bad impression too – opt for quality scent diffusers or scented candles or just open a few windows to really air the place before a viewing.

5. Use natural light to your advantage

If you think that a room is a bit dark, consider placing mirrors so they will reflect the natural light. It will make the room brighter and should stop it from feeling so gloomy. If a room really is lacking natural light, use subtle lamps even in daylight.

6. Don’t neglect your outdoor space

Do not forget the front garden – it’s the first thing buyers will see so it needs to make that welcoming impression.

If your rear garden is looking wild and uncared for, give it a tidy it up. Cut back overgrown shrubs, so your viewers can see how big it is and imagine themselves using the space. Cut the grass too and clean the patio and any garden furniture. If it’s looking a bit sparse, a few planted pots can make a difference for very little cost.


And finally…

Don’t try to transform your home in one weekend, flitting from room to room, be methodical tackling one room at a time, and start with the area that needs the most attention.


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