How to Settle a Dispute with Tenants

by Rizwan Osman on 1st November 2021

Conflict does occasionally occur between landlords and their tenants. If this happens, the letting agent can often step in to assist with mediation.

tenant disputes

Landlords who experience discord with their tenants can benefit from advice and help from a mediator to achieve a peaceful resolution. Mediators are there to facilitate a dialogue between both parties.

The following points may help untangle issues before they escalate:

1. Learn about housing laws

Landlords should know about housing laws as much as they can. That way, should anything arise that seems like it could get out of control, you will know your rights.

2. Remain positive

Sometimes it can be hard to stay upbeat, but remaining professional and optimistic about the situation can make all the difference to a tenant. Being argumentative and unapproachable won’t enable a tenant to feel like you can sort out the issue. Let the tenant know they are in good hands.

3. Talk

Opening a dialogue to discuss the tenant’s issue will enable a better working relationship. Talking is one way to get your point across, but it is a two-way process. Always listen to what the tenant has to say and keep the link open to allow for future discussion opportunities.

resolving tenant disputes

4. Meet

Talking is one way to help issues get resolved smoothly, but meeting face to face is another that may carry even more weight. Seeing how the problems affect each party can go a long way in smoothing over the issue.

5. Keep track

Keep copies of evidence (either hard or electronic copy) for your records. Should the issues escalate so far that you need to go to court to settle, you will need the proof of paperwork to submit your case.

6. Get help from a mediator

At Credential, we have helped to resolve landlord and tenant issues through mediation. We believe in resolving issues before they escalate into something more serious. We listen to the point of view of both parties and engage in a dialogue to find a mutually agreeable solution. Listening is the key to mediating, and we appreciate that the situation has been fraught with emotion before that point. When that happens, it is difficult for either party to listen to the other.

Disputes can arise about anything, but a dispute will often result from the tenancy agreement, noise problems, pet issues, rent arrears, property damage, or termination of the lease.

Credential can act as a third party to improve the landlord and tenant’s communications and facilitate communication to help find a resolution. Our role in the mediation is to ensure each side is comfortable discussing the issues in the same space to resolve the conflict. We do not take over the discussion but facilitate it. Both parties are always in control, and both parties are encouraged to speak frankly.

Credential helps landlords and tenants to resolve any issues which may arise during a tenancy. If you’re an investor looking for a letting agent who can assist with finding tenants, managing property and helping should issues arise, get in touch today.