6 End of Tenancy Cleaning Tips

by Rizwan Osman on 4th January 2022

When you moved into your home, do you recall the excitement you felt? Do you remember the freshness of each room? Well, those memories need not be gone forever because now it’s time to move on and leave the place exactly as you found it for the next tenant to start their own memories. It’s time to roll up those sleeves and get end-of-tenancy-cleaning.

end of tenancy cleaning tips

Of course, it never hurts to call in the cleaning professionals, but if your budget won’t allow for that, you’re going to have to do the work yourself. Maybe persuade a few friends to give you a helping hand, especially if you’re short of time.

Below are six end of tenancy cleaning tips you should keep in mind:

1. Everywhere: Use natural and affordable ways to clean. This could include using white vinegar and fresh lemon juice. Even using newspaper pages scrunched up like a cloth can help remove streaks from windows, mirrors and other reflective surfaces. Remember, even bathroom tiles are reflective, so if they are smeared, it will show.

2. Lounge/Bedrooms: Remove all the furniture before you begin, that way you won’t be tripping over yourself trying to get to those hard to reach places. Use an extendable arm on a long duster to get to the cobwebs on the ceiling and walls. Should anything remain after you’ve used the duster, get the extended arm of the vacuum cleaner up there to finish the job.

3. Kitchen/Bathroom: Again, make good use of white vinegar, fresh lemon and newspaper pages. Limescale builds up easily, especially in hard water areas, so put natural acid to work. Pay attention to grouting that may have turned from white to black because mould is present. In the kitchen, remove the dried food and grease splatters, not forgetting to clean the oven and all white goods inside and out too. These are often overlooked areas. Toilets, baths, shower doors and trays, basins and sinks all need attention, not forgetting interior and exterior drains.

4. Everywhere: Launder curtains especially if they were there when you moved in. Even if the label inside says they can be machine washed, treat them to a dry clean. Yes, it does cost a little more but the finish will be spectacular and they will smell wonderful afterwards.

5. Floors: Carpets and wooden floors need to be washed too. Stains require specialist help so engage a professional for this. Give them time to dry before you clean everything else.

6. Hallway: This is a high traffic area and is often the place for wall scuffs. Wiping painted walls may do the trick but do ensure you are careful if the walls are papered. Pay attention to skirting boards throughout the property too. They often have tiny ‘shelves’ on them which can easily collect and accumulate dust, carpet fibres and even pet hair. Never forget the exterior of the property as this is the first thing anyone sees. Ensure outside drains don’t smell, are unblocked and free from seasonal debris. Splash on a lick of paint to freshen up a tired exterior and wash windows, panes and sills, then clean them with the newspaper to remove any streaks.

Finally, walk through the property. Look at everything through the eyes of a new tenant. Would you be happy to live here? Is it clean? Hygienic? Inviting? All these tips are relatively affordable and better yet, they should assist with the return of your deposit. Good luck!

If you’re not sure about end of tenancy cleaning, whether you’re a landlord or tenant, get in touch with our agents today.